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At Capsigna Exteriors, we are The Local Roof Guys. We are a premier Southeast Roofing Contractor and have served the Carolinas since 2010 with decades of hands on experience. Specializing in Roof Replacements, Roof Repair, Siding Repair, Siding Replacement, Gutters, and Hail & Storm damage. We are the Go-To contractor for residential and commercial projects. Many of our customers call us The Local Roof Guys, local experts with decades of experience. Please get in touch to find out more about our services.


Roof Tune-Up

Now offering our Roof Tune-Up

Did you know roof boot and pipe collars need to be replaced every 3 years?

Our Roof Tune-Up includes the following for your appointment

- Full Roof Inspection

- Flashing Inspection and Re-Caulking

- Pipe Collar replacement

- Gutter Cleaning

All for just $349

Call today to schedule your Roof Tune-Up (704) 885-7663

We are The Local Roof Guys



pictures from Roof Tune-Ups

Damaged Pipe Collar
Damaged Pipe Collar

This Pipe Collar is cracked/deteriorated and is now leaking water into the attic. You won't know that it's leaking until 1, you got up in the attic, 2. You see it leaking on your drywall ceiling. We replace these during our tune-ups. They are supposed to be replaced every 3 years.

Pipe Collar
Pipe Collar

This Pipe Collar is cracked/deteriorated, destroying it's water tight seal and is now leaking water into the attic. We replace these during our tune-ups. They are supposed to be replaced every 3 years.

Damaged Pipe Collar
Damaged Pipe Collar

Another Pipe Collar with a deteriorated seal. Every time it rains, it's now leaking right into the attic.

Cracked Flashing
Cracked Flashing

Flashing that has deteriorated caulking allows water to penetrate behind the flashing and infiltrate below.

Damaged Shingle
Damaged Shingle

A damaged shingle that has exposed fiber underlayment. There is now no protection from the sun, heat and other elements.

Cracked Pipe Collar
Cracked Pipe Collar

Pipe collar with another eroded seal, leaks leaks leaks.

Dirty Gutter
Dirty Gutter

A gutter full of leaves/debris. Water will not be able to flow properly and could overflow, causing the fascia to rot.

Torn Shingle
Torn Shingle

A torn shingle with exposed fiber underlayment. Exposed underlayment means no protection, damage to OSB sheathing underneath and future leaks.

Turned Up Flashing
Turned Up Flashing

Kicked up flashing. The flashing has kicked up which now means that a wind driven rain can now get underneath the flashing for water intrusion. Also the nails have popped out which means water can now leak through the nail holes.



The Capsigna Exteriors management and senior staff have a combined
hands-on industry experience in excess of 100 years of service.

We are a GAF certified installer, that means that our products come with the manufacturer warranty and we have been specially trained on the installation of all GAF roofing products.

We also work closely with many select specialty craftsmen
in order to complete all aspects of any project
at the best level possible.

Capsigna Exteriors management, staff and independent contractors
are all fully licensed and insured.

Our philosophy and business practices focus on
establishing complete client satisfaction at every level.

We will work with you from land evaluation
through the completion of your project.

We encourage your involvement with the entire process
to whatever extent you would like.

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